10 April 2012

I'm not the kind of girl who walks into any store and would ever point to a mannequin and walk out... I see the world differently- and it's taken me a long to not only accept that but embrace that... Your home is like couture- if it doesn't fit you, it looks like shit... So when the furniture I designed was ready for me to see on Sunday- I did a cartwheel round off upstairs in the warehouse I was so thrilled with how it turned out... Then off to Roma Deco to see Albert about the dramatic sweeping curtains and medieval, gothic entrances for the fashion castle... Deep rich Indigos, and blood reds in velvet and textures of black for days... The custom designed tassels just were ...the.PERFECT... Touch that took my breath away... For me personally I can't have a crew of people and point at the monitor and just point around my space and be done with it all within a few days... It took me a long time to be comfortable in my skin, and my space is the same.. Each item is a "piece" and brings my fantasy land to space. Try to take a little more time before you start flipping through those Ikea catalogs kids... And start to create your own fantasy land... I know I live in jazzieland at the fashion castle... where do you live? Xx bella

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