30 April 2012


people don't pay you to take your photo... but they do love to use it to sell it print it, bastardize it like the object they try to make you. they left that whole section of business morals and integrity out of my four years of Otis... fuckers. Xx the high matinenance alcoholic that can't hold her composure (some judgemental holier than thoughs words... not mine...- but like my mom said (rest her soul, five year anniversary today).... people's opinion of me in none of my business... what becomes my business is when a fucktard that had a hit five years ago says that to one of my best girlfriends and then calls it LAME that I dont go home with him... fuck you sir. I am not now nor ever will be a whore- I'm no silver medal and if anything I feel sorry for you... look in the mirror and tell me do you like what you see... Robert Plant articulated that perfectly. congrats for snapping photos... what a task indeed. you're welcome sir. hold onto those desperate 18-25 year old age demographic of desperate bitches... you forget I am an artist as well- and the one time I told the world my respect for your work- well... you are welcome, fucking welcome beyond belief welcome. chilvary isn't dead- but the men whom speak of it the most... funny enough are the ones who talk the most shit about you with a smile to your face... how ugly indeed...

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