20 April 2012


Beautiful Pain:

Find the beauty in pain
and be free of the fear -
whispers in my ears -
" you're insane" -
now it's all so clear
Had enough so I puff -
pass the time in wonderland -
.45 to my temple -
Holy Bible in my other hand -
you could never understand -
so save your pointless questions - you see a tormented soul
is too blind to count it's blessings -
It's like looking through shattered glass -
When I paint a picture of my past - like free runners - thoughts race through my mind -
Met my Sunshine on a rainy day -
With my eyes to the sky -
let her kiss my face -
What if you never knew love ?
what would you have to say ?
All alone talk to God -
help me find my way .... I pray -
My eye fixated on this Beautiful Pain in the rain they can't see my tears of shame -
some acknowledge something greater -
some turn their heads away -
some don't care to see another day - so they hold on to this Beautiful Pain blood stains on the wall -
outlines of chalk on the carpet - screams cut like straight edge razors through the night -
How could I ?
I've been dead inside for years - follow the white doves as the end grows near -
break free from my cocoon - reincarnated in the womb -
from the cradle to the tomb - this Beautiful Pain

Tumani Idris Tshaka

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