15 March 2012


I live for the ones that are willing to "go there"... To contort their body- and make the wardrobe dance... Because they understand that they are there to perform... To scream as everyone is looking to capture that one pretty ugly face- to jump in a heel less platform with the risk of falling of their face to give the option of hopefully capturing that ONE shot... If you have any aspiration at all to become a model... Get weird. Go all out. Each click- you should be sweating like a whore in church working the fuck out of every snap... Giving me something insanely different until you hear me screech to stay there and work that pose... If this is new news to you my little modelizers... Than you need to start studying Coca Rocha throughly and intensely... As she has mastered the art of the pose. She is every girl and can be anything and everything with each click of the camera... I live for that Xx bella

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