31 March 2012


I just turned twenty seven- and the best part of my birthday was my dad showing up at my birthday party at Sayers before jetting off for the usual business trip overseas just to wish me the best birthday in the world... That meant the world to me. I love you daddy Xx your tiny dancer, dreamer, and little girl who lives in her own little fantasy world. Thank you Dad- thank you for never giving up on me, thank you for trying to figure out how to raise a wild little fashion monster as a Harvard stone cold business man.. It may have been 27 years in the making... But I think my old man is finally starting to love me for who I am- and accept me for who I will never me. Because I'm perfect in my imperfections- and when you start to really accept who you are... Embrace who you really are- and get comfortable in your own skin... It's a feeling of relief. The facades fade. The games gone- and like my said to me once as a little girl- "princess, the truth shall set you free..." maybe that's why I have no filter- and at times people take it offensively. But at least you know- I'm being honest. Always. Thank you for teaching me the values, morals and integrity I have today. It's because of you dad. And I would never be who I am today if it wasn't for you- and I'm pretty fucking fabulous. Xx

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