04 January 2011

ok so this week is fucktardedly crazy... today hearts and I spent the entire day in bed researching, emailing and sending out requests for two shoots this week and a performance Saturday... what's our schedule? tomorrow: work on Vains of Jenna's photo shoot (which is Friday being shot by the AMAZING Shiloh Strong!!)

buy a bunch of black feathers, off white tapered candles, stuffed animals, rope, duct tape, electrical tape, fake blood, and also make the perfect shredded shirt for my amazingly talented client Amy Kuney (WHO IS HEADLINING AT THE ROXY THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!) and chunky ankle boots, accessories, and finalize all three looks for my other BADASS clients "Vains of Jenna"

for our shoot Friday! and thursday... oh holy shitballs batman... starting at 9am with our first appointment to start pulling... until our last appointment for pulls at 6 pm because I'm styling the cover of AP (Alternative Press) magazine on Saturday for "Black Veil Brides".. and straight after the shoot- off to the Roxy to dress Amy and finally relax as we get to watch the show... and take a breathe after this insane week. oh- and a camera has to follow me all around Thursday to "see the crazy day in the life of a stylist"- awesome...

But fucking ANYWAYS... my bad ass Amy Kuney sent me this rad music video of this bad ass chick who's not only look I'm loving but fuck- love the music too!! AMY YOU BAD BITCH I LOVE YOU!!!

enjoy... and welcome to jazzieland... shit just got real...

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