30 December 2010


I've always been a little rock and roller at heart... my worn to shit band t shirts with my shredded tights... combat boots... outrageous sunglasses... crazy long blonder than blonde hair... and a fur thrown on... just quintessential elements of true rock and roll style that I've always made into my own.maybe it's because I've been designing, dressing and dating rock stars for a decade now... but no- I don't have some aspiring singing career... or a passion to play music... but I love it and respect it for the art that it is... it makes you feel- which at times is so hard to even do. listening to one song that automatically transcends you back into jr high stealing your parents car joyriding around smoking weed and giggling for hours while listening to our favorite bands... it's nostalgic, it's euphoric... music and fashion just are different mediums we use as artists to express ourselves... and well- my garb is my art. and the earth without art is just "eh"...

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