06 December 2010


a week in jazzieland... pretty crazy cuckoo bananas... so here it is... beginning of the week wardrobe fittings with "inside the black"... can't you tell how excited i am guzzling my wine?

then an adventure with my HEART of hearts... HEARTS... and ohhh the places we go and the people we meet!! like this AMAZING artist SAZZ... an alcoholic war vet with artistic talent that just is jaw dropping and heart wrentching...

the love of my life Jimi Hendrix taking a nap on mommys favorite mongolian lamb fur of course... his tiny adorable little ass sits on everything from chanel to mink... that's one fashionable little bad ass!!

then hanging out with my friend Nicky (an AMAZING musician and producer.. (look up Nick Morzov)... and our friends Brandon and Spencer and we head over to Jenny (the BADASS TATTOO ARTIST!! check her out @tattoojenny and little bella's adventures along the way.. gross over sized box of pizza... the gross pizza... and then I'm not a cat person... at all.. i really am NOT... BUT IF I WAS SOMEHOW THROWN UPON ME A POOR DEFENSELESS CAT I HAD TO RESCUE.. it would HAVE to be black... like this bad ass.. and i would call him El Gato maybe, which means "THE CAT" in spanish... (Natalie Goldberg- shout out to El Gato!! I LOVE YOU NATALIE BOO!!)

THEN ONTO THE NENNA MUSIC VIDEO!!! love my new african barbie!! and bad ass client!! love love LOVE!!! and my girl Kelly Belly (KB!!!!) Kelly Wood ROCKED THE SHIT OUT ON THE GLAM SQUAD HAIR TEAM!!! WHOOP WHOOOP!!!!!! Contact her at: (818) 224-8742 (she's part of the team bella glam squad just like QUEEN, my make up artist beauty queen Mariam!! reach her at:(818) 257-9627 and her email:

then here we are little bella and captain hearts... prepping and getting together looks for our new client NENNA YVONNE!!! A BAD BITCH WITH BARBIE LOOKS, A BOMBSHELL BODY AND A VOICE!!! WHAT THE FUCK KNUCK?!?!?

THAT WAS THE WEEK SO FAR!!! AND THAT'S A WRAP!!! (my favorite words to hear on a set!!)
*tired little bella*

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