10 December 2010


my new mocha barbie twin client nenna yvonne and danny her manager danny, and the director of the music video Chad of ENTOfilms and I all went out to Trousdale on my favorite Tuesday night... here's a recap and I bumped into my crush Robert... and we got to make out and I loved it!... i felt like a girl of 25 again...

now if only I knew what I said in the cab to make him oh so mad... aren't the games over by the time you're 25? why can't a man just be honest and say- you fucked up little barbie! is honesty just one item too big for "the list" of what we look for? and if so... what compromises must we make to fulfill our end of "the bargain".... the politics of the dating game need revising as I am advising... it's not as simple as the grade school days of "check box for yes or no"... (having a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque moment with these rhetorical relationship questions I'm posing... shit if she could do it on a show... who says I can't do it in real life?)

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