31 October 2010


found a rad oversized I LOVE NY T-shirt and decided to give it some panache, and a touch of bella edge... so i cut the bottom into "fringe", pulled the pieces/ streched them long enough so they look like strings... and have been adding childhood nostalgia pony beads on the pieces to have my grunge fix!! can't wait for you all to see when it's done!! will be for sale on the new ebay store Hearts is helping me put together! because being a fashion stylist... i have some INSANE pieces... pieces that I bought just for a certain look, or shoot and decided... why i not share these insane hard to find pieces that i can't wear with all of the rest of the world that needs some fabulousity in their life? the.PERFECT ebay store will be "opening" soon!! I'll have a link of this blog to the store and you will only find the most unique, customized, crazy pieces out of MY own wardrobe! a stylist's closet to shop in? what more could any fashion junkie want?!??

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