24 October 2010 its cold outside..

so what to wear what to wear?? even though you may want to drag around in your sweats and uggs- the fashion force says NO MOTHER FUCKER!!! at least throw on the guy from last nights flannel, some shredded tights, leggings, whatever, tall combat boots and a slouchy hat to keep your beautiful head a little warmer and cover up the fact that you dont want to be that dumb bitch who spends hours in the mirror straightening her hair then curling it blah blah- FUCK THAT... this is the look of the "hot chick who doesn't try"... doesnt everyone want to be that? if not.. please leave my website and do not continue looking any further fucktard

J.Crew Cotton-jersey tank
$18 -
J crew tops »

Collier à multiples chaînes et croix
$9.80 -
Necklaces »

PS NEW TIME SLOT SLUTS FOR JAZZIELAND... TUESDAYS AT 4PM NOW!!! (the whole early thing was fucking up my mojo..)

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