12 September 2010

spent my saturday afternoon with bsj (i.s- formally known as my dad) doing some thrift shopping. of course i fell IN LOVE- like johnny depp meets the swagger of mick jagger kind of love... with this floor length, hand beaded coat with white fox trim around the wrists and neck... to DIE for!! and this racoon coat... ok although it was enormous- i looove the feel of raccoon!! oooh!!! i'll post more pictures later of my amazing finds on my adventures yesterday!! (sneak peak... a BAD ASS PINK NINJA TURTLE T SHIRT!!! YES!!!!!) and here's a little secret for all my vintage lovers... THE best... i mean... in all my years of scouring vintage stores i have never EVER found a better selection of SUPER THIN- like falling apart at the seams thin vintage t shirt collection as i have at American vintage!! to DIE for those shirts!! SHIT ON A BITCH!!! MMM!!! Sergio (my other gay lover) works there during the week and we just have way too much fun playing around the store! Tell him you're a friend, client or just know me and he'll make sure you're taken care of ;)

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