17 September 2010


ok notonly getting slapped on the ass on the job.. BUT THE BAD ASS BAND WITH LEAD ROCKSTAR RANDY MADDEN AND LEAD GUITARIST MR NIKKI MISERY (or as my sister nash and i call him.. BUNNY!!!!) he's not only the lead singer and "ROCKSTAR RANDY" but my new hairstylist who KILLS it at cuts colour, anything edgy, and is a perfectionist like i am... simply amazing..... here's some photos from our meeting yesterday discussing hair for the elle shoot on monday- and then of course... we had to make some art being the artsy fartsy kids we are!!!

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  1. Jazzie Bella knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Well now she's got me. I am a passionate person and Jazzie could feel it. While there is life there is hope. I feel when you have drive, imagination, and passion you can do anything. My band will continue to rock, and my hair styles will reflect.
    And add me on FACEBOOK to see my hair

    Thanks Jazzie!